See what my past clients have to say about working with me. 

Here’s a list of people whom I have helped buy or sell a home, and what they said about working with me:

Jim: Thank you again for assisting us with the sale of our “Lake in the Woods” home. I know it was a challenging job (to say the least) but a job well done. May you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.

— Sharon & John

To Jim Curry!
You have been a blessing to me during the most difficult time of my life. I will be forever grateful.

— Rosemarie

As first time homebuyers my husband and I were lost attending random open houses and searching aimlessly. On our journey we were fortunate to meet Jim. Jim graciously offered us lots of advice and eventually became our realtor. Jim was patient while showing us several homes and worked to accommodate my unconventional work schedule. Thanks to Jim’s persistence, knowledge, and intense work ethic we purchased our first home.

— Necheon & Sophia

Jim cold called me during the Christmas Holidays to see if I'd be interested in listing my home, that he had a buyer who might be interested. I politely told  him no, was taking a break from FSBO for the holidays. After some thought, called him back and had him come talk with us. We did list with him and our home was sold less than 3 months later. He actually did have an interested buyer, worked with both parties fairly and closed the deal. We are very pleased with Jim Curry and know you will be too.

— Sonia Thomas

Our house was on the market for over 1 year before Jim took on the project. Jim helped us clean up the yard and found us helpers to do landscaping and clean up. We received  4 offers and Jim helped us work our way to the best one. He was relentless even after the first contract fell through. He actively navigated the inspections and appraisals, even when the house came up a little less in the final appraisal. At the closing, the buyers tried to change some terms.  Jim is a very nice and personable man, but he can be tough and stand his ground when it is called for. He came through for us. We always felt things were under control and were confident in his guidance through what could have been a very complicated process. Thanks so much for your help. It really was a great privilege to have found you.

— Marilyn Hennessy